Skeyndor Facials

Power C

This facial has a triple antioxidant action for a truly radiant effect. It was created to neutralise free radicals, prevent photo aging and stimulate the synthesis of collagen.

POWER C has four forms of ascorbic acid giving an immediate brightening but also a long lasting antioxidant effect. It is complemented with extracts from antioxidant superfruits pomegranate and acai. It is perfect for dry, prematurely aged or skin with pigmentation changes or if you just want the effect of a vitamin c boost for glowing skin.



Power Retinol

This facial will rejuvenate skin that is prematurely aged particularly photo-aging or (overexposure to sun). Retinol is ‘Gold Standard’ in anti aging treatments. This treatment is excellent for rejuvenating and repairing the architecture of the skin and strengthening epidermal regeneration. This treatment is combined with amber extract and calendula oil which maintain the calmness of the skin throughout treatment. This treatment is best for skin that needs repairing - dark spots, scarring, wrinkles and open pores.  



Power Hyaluronic 

This facial is the ultimate hydrating boost .

Hyaluronic acid is considered a ’sponge ‘ in the skin as it can hold 1000 times its weight in water.

Power Hyaluronic is formulated using fragments with both a high and low molecular weight which means the skin is hydrated deep down as well as superficially. It will give fine lines a softened look make the skin more comfortable and instantly hydrated. This treatment is best for skin that is dehydrated and looks dull and with fine lines.




This facial will calm and rebalance the skins defences.

Aquatherm is formulated using spring water from the French Pyrenees, it will bring immediate relief to a sensitised skin by strengthening the hydro lipid barrier which is essential in maintaining a calm skin and plant extracts that aid oxygenation.

This facial is best for reactive, sensitive skins or post chemotherapy.



Global Lift

This facial will lift and firm facial contours.

Global lift uses ( proGEN-in) a Skeyndor technology in cellular anti age treatments. It will increase fibroblast stimulation and increase collagen production and reduce elastin degeneration. It has an immediate lifting effect on the skin.

This facial is best for loss of firmness, lack of facial contour definition and lines.