Benefits of Having a Facial

There are many benefits to having a facial, the physical benefits include removing dead skin cells to brighten the complexion and refine pores.  It boosts circulation, which can improve skin's texture and appearance. 

In the salon we use professional strength products to help with most skin concerns from aging, reducing  pigmentation (brown spots), lines & wrinkles and sagging muscles to oily overactive skin.  Our facials range from calming, lifting and firming to reducing spots and scarring.


Physiological Benefits

A facial is a thoroughly relaxing and de-stressing treatment.  It lets you escape from day to day concerns and be in your own private cocoon.  You are pampered by a therapist using products which have luxurious scents.  The benefits of the aromas from the essential oils will lift or calm your spirit.


Aftercare Benefits

Our therapists will recommend a tailored homecare regime to maximise results of our professional facials.  This thorough consultation process removes the stress of having to shop around various skincare counters searching for products to suit your skin.  

Your skincare concerns and needs can change, due to health, seasonal changes, aging etc.  Professional facials and consultations allow the therapist to update your prescription.   It is hassle free, less time consuming and you can leave with the knowledge that your skin is receiving the best treatment it can.